How to Start a History Essay

Every section of your essay is important, but the most important one is your introduction. Often, a majority of readers make the ultimate decision of either continuing to read an article or leave it completely after they have read the introduction. Therefore, your introduction says a lot about what is to come later and hence the need to make it as interesting as possible. History essays can give you a headache especially if you are trying to make it interesting. Some of the questions people ask themselves while writing history essays include: How does one make a history essay interesting in the first place? Is this possible and will you need to replace some historical facts with some anecdotes? It is indeed challenging but not impossible. There are indeed several ways one can make their introduction interesting without altering any facts or making use of unnecessary anecdotes. If you are honest enough, you will admit that you have once or twice dismissed an article you were reading simply because you found it boring. Therefore, do not let your essay be dismissed by your classmates or your instructor immediately they finish reading your first paragraph.

Consider the following tips from essay basics when you start writing a history essay:

  • Start with an interesting or inspiring quote. The truth is, there are thousands of people all over the world who have said interesting things which will give your history paper a strong start. Therefore, research some of the famous or not so famous quotes which can help to supplement your essay’s thesis statement. While some people go for the common quotes, you can choose to be unique and choose a rare quote. It will not only capture the attention of your readers but also show them that you did extensive research.
  • You can also start with a shocking or an uncommon statistic. This is all dependent on the type of research you have done. If you have conducted extensive research, you will indeed find it easy to include a shocking statistic in your introduction. Readers will indeed be intrigued and want to read your paper after you convince them that you have done extensive research.
  • Use a question in your introduction. A question always makes things intriguing when used to start an essay. Therefore, make use of this knowledge and use one in your history essay.
  • Begin with a concession. Starting an essay with a concession does not necessarily mean you are admitting defeat and that you have failed in your quest to support your argument. It only means that you trust in your argument to the point where you are willing to engage the opposing thoughts and refute them decisively.

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